The performance, a co-creation between “public” and “performers”, is the transfer of knowledge housed in the bodies. Those embodied knowledges, which beat in the bodies, are links of memory.

Each body has a cartography of its lived, personal-collective and ancestral memories.
What memory/story is alive in my knees, in my hair, in my eyes, in my sex, in my feet?
What memories have I inherited as sensitivities, intuitions, dreams or wounds that are the essence of my corporality?

The social body — collective body inhabits my skin. History/memory runs in my blood.

The meeting of bodies is the meeting of their memories: their ancestors and descendants.

What is the lived memory and what will be the memory of the future?


Workshop for the students of the module Estudis de Performance of the Degree of Fine Arts.

Universidad de Barcelona UB, Barcelona.

An invitation from Assumpta Bassas.