Homar Performance Art Festival

We have been selected to participate of the 4th edition of Homar Performance Art Festival with the photographic archive of our performance NIU. The Arta Contemporary Art Institute holds the Homar festival for the 4th time in October 2020, at the international level in Lorestan province for 4 days. This festival will be in the field of…

Exhibition en_registro_ vídeo, sanación, memoria in El Lobi

We have been invited to participate of the exhibition en_registro_ video_ sanación_ memoria_ with our video-performance LATIR . This exhibition presents us with intimate looks at various processes of healing, reconnection and personal search from the framework of Latin America. In the exhibition we will see a selection of videos that delve into both ancestral practices…

registrations open | performance course CUERPX POLÍTICO – CUERPX RITUAL

This performance course focuses on the re-politicization of our bodies through a holistic empowerment of our Being in the world. Through specific exercises of self-knowledge and individual-communal intuition, we will work through altered states of being that will reveal the politics of our bodies within an ephemeral community. Within this continuous research, individual and collective…

inscriptions open | performance workshop online VIRTUALISMO REBELDE

Performance art is an experiential, live and mutant act / art. In this encounter we will feel what is the subversive love and extreme care; to take care of ourselves, to be cared for and be caretakers. To create a body of affections, knowledge and new sensibilities. Knowing ourselves, accepting ourselves, subverting the canons imposed and thereby…

Programa de Estudios Independientes en el MAC Puerto Rico

Somos parte del Programa de Estudios Independientes en Arte Contemporáneo, Investigación y Comunidad (PEI) del Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Puerto Rico (MAC). El PEI es un programa parcialmente abierto al público general organizado como un espacio de investigación dirigida que recibe participantes nacionales e internacionales vinculados a todas las prácticas dentro de los campos…

The Action Against Poetry and Vice Versa

We have been invited to participate of the exhibition and performance program of L’Acció Contra la Poesia i Viceversa (The Action Against Poetry and Vice Versa) of the international encounter of poetry and performance La Muga Caula. In the Fundació Joan Brossa, Barcelona (Spain). Curator: Joan Casellas. See full program

FLUX 2019 video author festival

We have been invited to exhibit on the 14th edition of the FLUX video author festival, characterised since its for focusing on the role of authors working in the field of video creation video (video art, creative documentary, video installations, etc.). In Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona (Spain). Curators: Lis Costa and Josep M. Jordana

INFLUX festival [video on stage]

We have been invited to participate in the sixth edition of INFLUX festival |video on stage|, dedicated to audiovisual performing arts in the Antic Teatre in Barcelona (Catalonia). INFLUX promotes artists who use video and digital media as an integral aspect of artistic expression in their stage proposals. The festival includes works by visual artists, musicians, poets, dancers, performers…

F.I.A.P. Festival International d’Art Performance

We have been invited to participate in F.I.A.P. 2019 Festival International d’Art Performance in Fort de France (Martinique). Performance is a radical practice where the artist in action or situation becomes a work of art. Historically, performance has always been the intention of organizing a form of experimentation, to open new fields of research and the commitment to break…

Irreductibles Feminist Performances in the CCCB

We have been invited to participate in Irreductibles activity part of the exhibition FEMINISMS! in the CCCB centre de cultura contemporània de Barcelona. Programme of four feminist performances that go beyond the tropes to explore different takes on the realities of women’s lives, aspects which are often neglected in the usual performative codes. These dynamic poetics reveal synchronic experiences…

Kronos Art Bcn

We have been invited to participate in the second edition of Kronos Art Bcn in Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona (Spain), We will present a live performance, Simbiosis Caníbal, for the opening and the photoperformance Confins Ardents wil be exhibited during the entire festival. About Kronos Art Bcn: With the conviction that art has moved, is moving and will keep…

performance module | The World of Performance: A Theoretical and Practical Introduction to Action Art

Introducción teórico-práctica al Arte de la Performance o Arte de Acción. A través de ejercicios específicos de autoconocimiento corporal y mental se agudizará la intuición y el sentido de comunidad prestando atención a la parte sensitiva – energética – política del cuerpo que habitamos. Se trabajará este arte vital desde la escucha extrema desde el…

FNAF festival of naked forms

We participate of 5th Festival of Naked Forms, Prague (Czech Republic). FNAF is a monothematic and multi-genre festival exploring the work of nudity in contemporary live art. Curator: Lenka Klodová

Zona de Riesgo encuentro de arte acción vol.4

Seleccionadas a participar con la obra PROCESSUS CORPORIS en Zona de Riesgo encuentro de arte acción vol.4 en Casa Bagre, Lima (Perú). En el marco del Día del trabajo, nos cuestionamos acerca de nuestros derechos laborales, el mercado capitalista y neoliberal, la explotación de nuestros recursos naturales y humanos, nuestra idea de “el buen vivir”, las…

Aesthetics of Movement

Aesthetics of Movement is a selection of video performances that was part of the project “Body Landscapes”, a festival of performance art in the city of Copenhagen. The project appeared in 2017 as a necessity to articulate the individual and collective memory of migrants based in Europe. In 2018 we developed the concept to explore…

Noves adquisicions 2015-2018. Museu de l’Empordà

The Museu de l’Empordà will exhibit our photo-performance piece CONFINS ARDENTS comissioned to be the official poster of La Muga Caula festival in 2017. This artwork is part of the recent acquisitions of this museum’s collection. Museu de l’Empordà, Figueres (Catalunya)  

L A T I T U D E S International Performance Art Festival of Santa Cruz de la Sierra

We participate of LATITUDES, International Performance Art Festival of Santa Cruz de la Sierra with our first video-performance piece, UNTITLED. LATITUDES, the first International Performance Art Festival of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, was launched in 2018 in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. LATITUDES is organized and presented through ARTerial Performance Lab…

Homografía / Homography international festival of video works and performance

We participate of Homografía / Homography 4 international encounter of video performance is a festival of video works that have a close relationship with performance and queer art. The works presented – video, installation, performance – evoke identity, gender and artistic creation, exploring issues such as the portrayal of masculinities, media manipulation, voyeurism / exhibitionism… Art…

performance workshop CUERPOS DE MEMORIA

La performance, una co-creación entre “público” y “performerxs”, es la transferencia de saberes albergados en lxs cuerpxs. Esos saberes encarnados, que laten en lxs cuerpxs, son vínculos de memoria. Cada cuerpa tiene una cartografía de sus memorias vividas, personales-colectivas y ancestrales. ¿Qué memoria/historia está viva en mis rodillas, en mi pelo, en mis ojos, en…

performance workshop CUERPO COMO ESPACIO

El taller es una inmersión teórico-práctica (ya que de la teoría hacemos práctica y de la práctica, teoría) al mundo del arte de la performance desde nuestro entender la vida a partir del amOr Subversivo y los Cuidados eXtremos. Se iniciará un trabajo desde el cuerpo como espacio (de vida/primigenio). El cuerpo como espacio acogedor…

Exhibition Paisatge d’acció

We participate of the exhibition Paisatge d’acció with photographies that document our performance Alquimia de lo onírico presented on 2017 for the action poetry and performance festival, La Muga Caula. The Muga Caula emerges from two magical Empordà places – the Muga river and the waterfall Caula – and an historical fact – Marcel Duchamp’s documented visits in this…

ExperimentoBio2018, series “Tejido onírico”

We participate of ExperimentoBIO2018, international photography contest, with our series of photo-performances entitled Tejido onírico. The aim of EXPERIMENT BIO is to become a locus of encounter and exchange between artists to investigate in the field of photography, a showcase from which make visible the riskiest and newfangled artistic proposals. “Tejido onírico: Equilibrio potenciador, espacios habitados por…

Body Landscapes performance art festival

We participate of Body Landscapes performance art festival within the video-performance selection Aesthetics of Movement with our piece Latir. VerdensKulturCentret, Copenhagen (Denmark) Curated by: Performance Køkkenet, David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo

Exhibition El Paisatge Documental 2017 of La Muga Caula

El Paisatge Documental 2017 presents the photographies of Petra Vlasman and the documentary film by Xavier Moreno about the 13th edition of the international encounter of action poetry and performance La Muga Caula, which took place at the Escaules, Alt Empordà in 2017 on the 15th, 16th and 17th of September. As a complement to the documentary film…

Body and Freedom Festival

We participate in the 2018 edition of Body and Freedom Festival. This festival, offers a globally unique experimental platform for the artistic and practical exploration of the social interaction with the naked body. It creates unusual situations for performers, nonparticipating passersby and spectators alike, undermining the repertoire of practiced behaviour. Rathausbrücke, Zürich (Switzerland). Curated by Thomas Zollinger and Beatrice…


“Performance is a real and honest expression that I feel innate, intuitive, a declassified procedure that opens self possibilities for observation, emotion and intervention in the world. The body. The bodies. The constant vivacity. The poetic action without meaning, invisibly public, the transformation of the state (im) itself, alert and available. The alteration of the…

LAPEK nit d’acció i performance

We participate in LAPEK nit d’acció i performance.   28 June 19.30 H La Pedrera Espai Kreatiu (LAPEK) Subirats, Catalonia   Organised by La Pedrera

PROCESO DE ERROR- International Festival of Experimental Video

Participation in the fifth season of Proceso de error – International Festival of Experimental Video of Valparaiso, a festival that seeks to encourage international research, realisation and dissemination of experimental video. This version includes other parallel activities before and after the official show, including exhibitions in theaters and in public spaces.   16-30 April in Teatro Condell Condell…

FLUX CLUB 2018 screening + talk

Participation in the ninth season of FLUX CLUB, a fortnightly video club that reflects the vitality of video creation in our city. It’s an extension of the FLUX Video Auteur Festival, with sessions open to everything currently going on in the field of video in Barcelona. In this session a selection of video performances will…

DE-FRAGMENTOS performance available online

CASA VIVA, Mexico City (Mexico), 2017. Photos: Alejandro Chêllet   DE-FRAGMENTOS

LÁGRIMAS DE SAL performance available online

In collaboration with the sounds of Mr. Vampire. Morelia (Mexico), 2017. Photos: Tsade Trigo   LÁGRIMAS DE SAL

ARCHEOLOGIE MUTANTE performance available online

Viva Art Action! Lachine Canal, Montreal (Canada), 2017. Curated by: DARE-DARE Photos: Christian Bujold and Paul Litherland ARCHEOLOGIE MUTANTE

AGRIETAR LO REAL performance workshop

Este laboratorio con Marina Barsy Janer x Isil Sol Vil  es una inmersión teórico-práctica (ya que de la teoría hacemos práctica y de la práctica, teoría) al mundo del arte de la performance desde nuestro entender la vida a partir del amOr Subversivo y los Cuidados eXtremos. Se iniciará un trabajo desde el ser individual hacia…

TEJIENDO AFECTOS talk and performance workshop

1:00-4:00pm Fine Arts Department, Faculty of Humanities University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Inscriptions:   Organisers Departamento de Bellas Artes El Lobi

Conversation and performance in Casa Cruz de la Luna

We perform a live action followed by a discussion and presentation of our photo-performances and process during the artistic residency in Casa Cruz de la Luna. 67 Luna street, San German, Puerto Rico.  

kilómetroCERØ festival internacional de performance

Participation in kilómetroCERØ festival internacional de performance, Rituales de Isla, in the city of Santo Domingo, República Dominicana.  

BURSAS encuentro de performance

Participation in BURSAS encuentro de performance in the city of Puebla, Mexico.  


PERFORMANCE AND EXHIBITION Curator: Alejandro Chellet CASA VIVA Mexico City, Mexico  

Performance in the space Jeudi 27, Morelia

We present a performance piece in the space Jeudi 27, Morelia (Michoacán), in collaboration with the artist Mr. Vampire. Production: Tsade Trigo.

Performance Workshop amOr Subversivo Cuidados eXtremos

Performance workshop with the artists Isil Sol Vil x Marina Barsy Janer, with a duration of 2 days and one night in the Granja Ecológica Tlicuilli, Xochimilco (Mexico City). Organised by CASA VIVA.   amOr Subversivo x Cuidados eXtremos laboratorio de performance

participation in Viva! Art Action

We participate with a live performance in the VIVA! ART ACTION internacional performance art festival which will take place in the city of Montreal, Canada.  

participation in LA MUGA CAULA 13 trobada internacional de poesia d’acció i performance

We participate in the 13th edition of La Muga Caula, international encounter of action poetry and performance art. This year’s poster, CONFINS ARDENTS a photo performance by Marina Barsy Janer x Isil Sol Vil in collaboration with Joan Casellas, has been created after a process of artistic residency in Les Escaules, a small village of…

UNTITLED video performance avaliable online

UNTITLED video performance Duration: 06:24 min Site: La Fageda d’en Jordà, Olot (Catalunya) Year: 2015 UNTITLED

LATIR video performance available online

LATIR video performance Duration: 05: 28 min Site: El Garraf (Catalunya) Year: 2017 Camera: CCTproducció Carlus Camps   LATIR

Performance Workshop ARMANDO RAÍCES CON ALAS

Performance Workshop Isil Sol Vil x Marina Barsy Janer 24 – 28 July 2017 230€ / Includes meals and camping area Sammasati Natural Valley. Els Ports de Beseit, Tarragona (Catalunya) Inscriptions until: 15 July Inscriptions and information:   DESCRIPTION Performance workshop with artists Isil Sol Vil x Marina Barsy Janer. 5 days of immersion…

Presentation of the official poster of La Muga Caula festival

CONFINS ARDENTS Presentation of the poster of La Muga Caula 2017 work of Marina Barsy Janer x Isil Sol Vil. 6 July 2017. Curators: La Muga Caula and Joan Casellas. Museu de l’Empordà. La Rambla, 2. Figueres, Catalunya.


LATIR video performance installation presented as part of the collective exhibition of La Muga Caula. from 10 June to 26 July 2017. Curators: La Muga Caula and Joan Casellas. Galeria Lola Ventós Figueres, Catalunya.    

EMPREMTA 2017 festival internacional de performance

EMPREMTA 2017 20 and 27 May & 03 June SALT _ RUBBLE _ MUD 3 materials _ 3 days _ 6 artists   MATERIC.ORG. Hospitalet de Llobregat, Catalunya. 20/05_SALT: Melina Peña and Kubra Khademi 27/05_RUBBLE: Lucho Hermosilla and Miguel Andrés 03/06_MUD: Lesley Yendell and Begoña Grande Direction: Isil Sol Vil x Marina Barsy Janer ​


performance in |OKK| Organ Kritischer Kunst – organ of critical arts. Berlin, Germany.   – Conjunto extenso de elementos que pueden servir de base a una investigación. -Hendidura o espacio, por lo común pequeño, que media entre 2 cuerpos o entre 2 partes de un mismo cuerpo. -Intervalo (espacio o distancia entre 2 tiempos, lugares, energías…


PROCESSUS CORPORIS video performance presented in the “muestra internacional VIDEADA. 08/ vídeos inestables”. Curators: Gabriela Urco, Tatiana Fuentes, Jorge Baldeón and Diana Collazos. El Galpón Espacio. Lima, Peru.


|           | performance for Corpologia 25. Curator: Denys Blacker. La Pedrera, Can Sala. Subirats, Catalunya.


PROCESSUS CORPORIS video performance presented in the III FESTIVAL DE ARTES PA KE NO TOKE LO PEOR 2016. EN DIFERIDO: cuerpo-sonido-naturaleza. International video exhibition.  Curator: Tzitzi Barrantes. Estación Arteviva de la Sabana. Bogota, Colombia.


PROCESSUS CORPORIS Video performance presented in Larga Vida a la Nueva Carne, video-art projections in the public space. Curators: Agustín Rincón Méndez and Daniela Ruiz Moreno.  La Paternal Espacio proyecto. Buenos Aires, Argentina.


PROCESSUS CORPORIS Video performance presented in the 8vo Encuentro de Accion en Vivo y Diferido (AVD): Cuerpo-Sonido-Naturaleza. Curator: Tzitzi Barrantes. Bogota, Colombia.


DESCARNAR FRONTERAS performance for Tempting Failure, International Festival of Performance Art & Noise Art. Curator: Thomas J. Bacon. Hackney Showroom. London, United Kingdom.


ODA A LA SANGRE AFRODITA SINFONÍA MACABRA EN TRES MOVIMIENTOS performances created in-situ for the 4th Cyprus International Performance Art  Festival, “New Synchronicities: (no)one’s action, everyone’s celebration”. Curator: Christina Georgiou Mitsero, Cyprus.


60.5 video performance created during the artistic residency OlivART. Curators: Enric Pladevall and Pilar Parcerisas. Fundació L’Olivar. Ventalló, Catalunya.


PROCESSUS CORPORIS video performance presented as part of Laura Corcuera’s performance The BathTub in the 10th Audiovisual Arts Festival: taboo-transgression-transcendence. Ionian University. Corfu, Greece.


PULSIÓN LIMINAL DESPOJOS MIMÉTICOS / PERCEPCIONES ALTERNAS video performances created during the artistic residency in MATERIC.ORG. Hospitalet de Llobregat, Catalunya.  


UNTITLED video performances created during the artistic residency. Olot, Catalunya.

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