From each concept (SPACE /OBJECT /BODY), the artist created an individual work that was related and intertwined to the others. The first residency worked with the concept of SPACE. Afterwards, within this created spatiality, the next residency produced the OBJECT. The third residency will conclude with the research of the BODY, in the space and with the object/s resultant of the previous investigations. The proposals developed during the residency have a union with each other that results in a joint (common) work developed from three worlds – three artists – three creations. 22cubic SPACE / OBJECT/ BODY conceives the interrelation as a vital creative motor and promotes the legacy of proposals (sensitivities) through the research processes.

Artists: Joana Moher (Portugal), Cristina Planas (Perú) y Lisa Stertz (Alemania)

Direction and curatorship: Montserrat AA, Isil Sol Vil and Marina Barsy Janer
Collaborators: MATERIC.ORG -espacio de creación y pedagogía radical


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