Aesthetics of Movement is a selection of video performances that was part of the project “Body Landscapes”, a festival of performance art in the city of Copenhagen. The project appeared in 2017 as a necessity to articulate the individual and collective memory of migrants based in Europe. In 2018 we developed the concept to explore more perspectives of migration in other parts of the world.

The festival started with a focus on movement as an elemental action of the migration. Our aim was to construct a net of experiences around the concept of movement and in this way, create a space of interconnectedness between artists from all latitudes.

This selection of videos constitute an attempt to highlight the relation between corporality and territoriality as two forces that construct memory and identity. Regarding the artists´ memories about past and present belonging, we proposed movement as connector topic for the video-performances. We asked how artists use performance art to confront ideas of identity, migration, otherness, individual and collective memory through movement.

We use performance art as tool and product of all our experiences because we believe that our bodies are the containers of our memories and identities. Therefore, the selection of “Aesthetics of Movement” is a journey through particular bodies, their perspectives and their relation with their history, experiences and context.


Aesthetics of Movement
Online Performance Exhibition
In Collaboration with Stockholm Performance Art, Istambul Performance Art, Performance Køkkenet and Body Landscapes International Performance Art Festival Copenhagen

Curator : David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo
Online Exhibition Coordinator: Pınar Derin Gençer