The workshop is a theoretical-practical immersion (because from theory we make practice and from practice, theory) to the world of performance art from our understanding of life based on Subversive love and eXtreme Care. A work will begin from the body as a space (of life/primal). The body as a welcoming and/or inhospitable space, as land, as a home, as a place. It is from the body (as its own space) that the sensitivity and understanding of other spaces arise.

Tools will be given to develop both individual and community activations, understanding that the space we occupy/inhabit determines all other spaces (bodies-places) and vice versa. It works from eXtreme listening exercises identifying and reconstructing the memory of the body as a political-affective geography. The recognition of the other and of being in a heterogeneous community is explored through the activation of multiple internal-external spaces. The co-creation of interventions will emerge from this exploration of empowerment with our bodies, energies and imaginaries.


Workshop for the students of the module LLOC I ACCIÓ (PLACE AND ACTION) of the University Degree of Arts and Design.

Escola Massana, Barcelona.

An invitation from Jordi Canudas.