Empremta is a Performance Art encounter of heterogeneous and experimental nature. Empremta is born as residue and trace of the action, of the gesture, at the instance of leaving ephemeral evidence.
We understand the performance action as time, space and presence. From a space that has its own charm and bears a palpable magic that caresses your skin, for this first edition Casa Corbella in Cardedeu has opened its doors and windows, inviting us to scratch its gardens and hidden corners. By undergoing an explosive period of residency and collaborative work, the participating artists inhabit and merge with the site. To be able to feel the environment where you will do an action, where you will leave parts of yourself and where those who are present will take some of these parts, makes the presented performances bound to this specific site. If these actions were done in any other place the nuances provided by the space would be lost forever.

EMPREMTA 2015 artists: Denys Blacker, Symbolab, Isil Sol Vil and Dani d’Emilia.

Direction: Isil Sol Vil
Image: Enrich F.
In collaboration with: GresolArt, Laboratorio Symbolon and Casa Corbella.

video summary EMPREMTA 2015

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