We participate of the exhibition Paisatge d’acció with photographies that document our performance Alquimia de lo onírico presented on 2017 for the action poetry and performance festival, La Muga Caula.

The Muga Caula emerges from two magical Empordà places – the Muga river and the waterfall Caula – and an historical fact – Marcel Duchamp’s documented visits in this leap. The name of the meeting is imbued with the place names of the place with symbolic intentions: the Muga (limit, mark, border) and the Caula (warm waters) want to be the hot frontier of the art of action. Paisatge d’acció wants to show the result of this relationship through numerous artists from different generations and countries: Catalonia, Japan, Argentina, Israel, Afghanistan, Finland, Poland, Morocco, Algeria, Uruguay, Palestine, Spain and most countries of the European Community, among others.

Exhibition curated by Joan Casellas.

Rambla de Figueres, Figueres (Catalunya).