We have been invited to participate in Irreductibles activity part of the exhibition FEMINISMS! in the CCCB centre de cultura contemporània de Barcelona.

Programme of four feminist performances that go beyond the tropes to explore different takes on the realities of women’s lives, aspects which are often neglected in the usual performative codes. These dynamic poetics reveal synchronic experiences of the female body with its own corporeal materiality, contingent and infinite, or link up with a story that wants to emerge, or with the decoded relations between models and otherness. And they do so by listening to the physical space, to the precise historical and geological time, forging emotional connections with the irreducible beat of social and planetary life.

Assumpta Bassas Vila, curator of Irreducible


We will present the performance piece Portales Otros. This performance mirrors both personal frontiers and global borderlines. Bodies confront their primary limit, the outer organ, the carnal vision of oneself. The imagery of representation is constrained, conformed and moulded by societal constructions of our being with and through others. Communitarian and individual reflection face a continuous and generational blockage in the flow of affectivities, in the movement of the sensible. With the opening of portals, the wounds that pierce (divide, segment and perpetuate hierarchies) all our relations begin to heal. OTHERNESS is destroyed, broken…Revealed as mirage.