We have been invited to participate in the second edition of Kronos Art Bcn in Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona (Spain), We will present a live performance, Simbiosis Caníbal, for the opening and the photoperformance Confins Ardents wil be exhibited during the entire festival.

About Kronos Art Bcn:

With the conviction that art has moved, is moving and will keep on moving the world, in this new edition of KRONOS ART BCN we shall keep betting on the concept that led the 2018 edition to create strong and intense networks amongst all those who participated in the project: time.

Time is an abstract concept that only makes sense when we frame it within various boundaries.  In art, this feature is no exception: in art, when we talk about the past, we usually focus on those artists who stand out in history and inspire us though their memory- from an indefinite locus that is built intrinsically. We talk about the present and we look around us, at everything that disturbs us, connects us and impels us, now, a moment so ephemeral and at the same time the most powerful, full of meaning; and when we refer to the future, we do so – always – placing our hope in those who today are the seed.

Thus, Past, Present and Future will once again make up KRONOS ART BCN 2019. In this new edition, we will be able to continue enjoying artists, performances and activities that will guide us through this artistic journey. We shall keep relying on both established artists as well as those who are taking their first steps, focusing on all different art disciplines. The reason is none other than the belief that in the connection of these three artificial spaces of time art makes sense by projecting invisible networks that feed something of so much depth, and at the same time so unnoticed, such as culture.
Let’s make it visible.


Curated by: Macu Moran, Justin Case, Perro Manso & Damián Pissarra