We have been invited to participate in the MICRO RESIDENCIAS PARA DEMOLER by Asuntos Efímeros at La Casa Protegida de Ponkas y Jamonas, Aibonito (Puerto Rico).

In the Micro residencias para demoler by Asuntos Efímeros we will accompany an artist or collective in the development of a piece or art project that dialogues or focuses on experiential art with and from the present body. In the micro-residence, the participants will share their concept with Mickey Negrón who will design together with them a work schedule to build gestures from demolition. We will offer a paid work of art created by dissident artists, a(normal), complicated, rejected, strange, subversive, beasts in rigorous indiscipline, in short… with artists who:

.  Have a clear idea for the research and creative process…or an idea and everything that comes close to the concept

.  Hold a practice

.  Want to share their creative process with Negrón, who will accompany them, question and cause collapses always consented.

.  Wish to explore and create from the artistic experience of the present body, even if their practice does not include this in the past.

.  Have the desire to demolish some topic or previous work.



Utopías de la realidad. Marina Barsy Janer x Isil Sol Vil


“Juxtaposed realities in the microcosm of now. Worlds within worlds. Site besieged in slimy visibility. Parallel spaces- other bodies. Interspecies relationships. Other spatialities are possible. Utopias of dystopia, romanticized in honey…”

In order to sustain the Micro Residencia and the CPPJ as a radical school, the participating artists will offer a 6-hour workshop to 10 people who enroll in it.

performance workshop Utopías de la distopía

Immersion into the world of performance art from our understanding of life based on Subversive love and eXtreme Care. A work will begin from the body as a space (of life/primal). The body as a welcoming and/or inhospitable space, as land, as a home, as a place. It is from this corporality (as its own space) that the sensitivity and understanding of the other spaces arise. Tools will be given to develop both individual and community activations, understanding that the space we occupy/inhabit determines all other spaces (body-places) and vice versa. It works from eXtreme listening exercises identifying and reconstructing body memory as a political-affective geography. The recognition of the other and of being in a heterogeneous community is explored through the activation of multiple internal/external spaces. The co-creation of interventions will emerge from this exploration of empowerment with our bodies, energies and imaginaries.

Wednesday 5th January 2022 from 9am-4pm

This workshop is for everyone who is interested.

Cost of $75, lunch included. Limited availability

Registration at a.efimeros@gmail.com