“Performance is a real and honest expression that I feel innate, intuitive, a declassified procedure that opens self possibilities for observation, emotion and intervention in the world. The body. The bodies. The constant vivacity. The poetic action without meaning, invisibly public, the transformation of the state (im) itself, alert and available. The alteration of the collective body, care and awareness, an intimate relationship with nature. A rudimentary expression. Innocence matures in every action. The intelligence. Engaged. The asilvestramiento of the glasses, the humor, the failures and the blows. From there I pass to hybridizations, to critical thinking, to located writing” -LCGG 2018.

Bodies: Ainoa Mela, Marina Barsy Janer, Isil Sol Vil and Laura Corcuera.

Hastebol, Sierra Norte de Madrid.

Organised by: Laura Corcuera