This performance course focuses on the re-politicization of our bodies through a holistic empowerment of our Being in the world. Through specific exercises of self-knowledge and individual-communal intuition, we will work through altered states of being that will reveal the politics of our bodies within an ephemeral community. Within this continuous research, individual and collective actions will be created in public and intimate spaces. At the end of the course the participants will have knowledge about different political theories of the bodies from which to act and will have generated the tools to develop performance interventions in different spaces.
During the course we will share what we define as Subversive Love x Extreme Care. From a decolonial vision, other relationship models will be worked on (between humans, space, time, nature and objects). In this practice we seek to recover the knowledge of the body that has been silenced or oppressed by a colonial capitalism that manufactures the body of the worker-consumer. We focus on everyday magic and the energy that exists in our bodies. The relationship with matter, with space and with others develops as a horizontal dialogue through a process of hypersensitivity and extreme listening. Re-learning this way of living, creating and relating as a political act is the initial focus of this course. From the ritual reality of time-space-body, we will explore the potentiality of actions and their effects (physical, psychic, energetic, social) in those who act and in their surroundings. The social conditions (gender, race, class, etc.) that inhabit our bodies are studied in order to work on their performativity.
The concepts and political theories of the bodies to be explored will be both discussed with texts and works by artists, and experienced through the bodies of the participants through the proposed exercises. The course develops corporeal explorations through exercises and interventions in public and private spaces. We will work both individually and collectively, questioning and rethinking both terms. A continuous performance project will be developed from the body-sensory exploration of each individual and the community created throughout the module.