We invite you to experience this new performance piece. LATIRSINCRÓNICO sinfonía corporal is a sound/body project that proposes the experiment of creating cardiac melodies from the sound of two hearts.

Through physical, emotional and spatial alterations, this research involves an exploration of heart rates and intensities both individually and in relation to the other person’s heartbeat. Latirsincrónico explores musicality in synchronous and discordant rhythms; in the effect of affective interaction between two people; in physical reactions to various external stimuli; and in the influence of thought, emotions and memories.

This intimate exploration presents a visual, sound, and performative installation that will allow the audience to listen to a bodily symphony of heartbeats as they watch Isil Sol Vil x Marina Barsy Janer going through different emotional, physical, and energetic states.

curator: Vanessa Hernández Gracia
production: El Lobi
design and construction of sound equipment: dinamo DIY espai
in collaboration with: CC Convent de Sant AgustíMATERIC.ORG
graphic design: @glandulas_syntax
sound technician : Johannes Peters
video documentation: Ozzie Forbes, Javier Carrera, Alfredo Robles
photo documentation: Margaret Mair
thanks to: Pia Sommer, Melissa Sarthou, Yacine Belahcene, Kenchan Onaga, Jéssica González Barja, Oscar, Concha, Carles, Awilda Sterling Duprey, xxx

Saturday 24 September 2022. From 6pm to 9pm
El Lobi
621 Ernesto Cerra, Santurce, Puerto Rico