Theory and practice of Performance Art or Action Art. Through specific exercises of body and mental self-knowledge, intuition and sense of community will be sharpened, paying special attention to the sensitive – energetic – political part of the body we inhabit. This vital art will be worked through extreme listening from the individual being to the communal being. This corposensorial exploration will be linked with talks and debates on the multiple body theories (body-geography, political body, affective / affected, identity and border body, ritual body, etc.), meeting artists who work in this practice from different geographies and realities. . The generated exploration will allow the reappropriation of the body by the participants and its use as a tool for the creation of individual and collective actions. The aesthetics, composition, concept, motivation and creation of the actions will be worked on together with the intervention of the spaces and the use of objects.

Participants: Luca Calderó, J. Allen, Anna Garcia, SOSIEGO, Thaïs Julià, Fran Herrerías, Aida, Helena Masnou, Juan José Ruiz Palacios, Mar Gimeno Lumbiarres, Delfina G. Marestaing and Anna Muntada Villanueva.



_Get to know the world of Performance or Action Art from different bodies and geopolitical realities.
_Understanding ourselves as a political-affective geography.
_Put theory into practice: we will make practice out of theory and theory out of practice.
_Reconnect with the memories of our bodies as the raw material for our actions.
_Develop the necessary tools to carry out individual, simultaneous and collective performance actions.
_Activate unconventional spaces based on individual / communal presence.
_Establish an intuitive communication between the object and our own corporality.
_Use the corporality that we inhabit to tear down what we have been prevented from doing.
_Activate a critical character with the reality that surrounds us and use performance to create other possible realities.
_Create a new community.


Performance Art or Action Art (what? how? what bodies? what stories?). It is about broadening the view, not limiting and/or defining this eclectic and amorphous practice. Through the visualization of works by artists we will open spaces for debate and analysis. Performance will be worked on as Art-Life, addressing different body theories (body-geography, political body, affective / affected body, identity and border body, ritual body, degenerate body, etc.) and developing what we define as Subversive Love x eXtreme care. Through specific exercises of self-knowledge and individual-communal intuition, we will work on altered states of being that will reveal the politics of the body (the bodies) within an ephemeral community. Within this continuous research, individual and collective actions will be created.


This course understands practice as embodied theory. The bodily concepts and theories to be explored will be both discussed and exemplified with texts and works by artists, as well as experienced through the bodies of the participants through the proposed exercises. It will work both individually and collectively, questioning and rethinking both terms. Performance projects will be developed from the bodily exploration of each individual and the community created in the module.


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