Theoretical-practical introduction to Performance Art or Action Art. Through specific exercises of body and mental self-awareness, intuition and sense of community will be sharpened by paying attention to the sensitive – energetic – political part of the body we inhabit. This vital art will be worked from extreme listening from the individual being to the communal being. This corposensorial exploration will be linked with talks and debates on the multiple theories of the body (body-geography, affective/affected body, identity and border body, ritual body, degenerate body, etc.), meeting artists who work in this practice from various geographies and realities. The generated exploration will allow the reappropriation of the body by the participants and its use as a tool for the creation of individual and collective actions. The aesthetics, composition, concept, motivation and execution of the actions will be worked on together with the intervention of the spaces.


Pre-registration 6-13 sSeptember, 2019

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Escola Massana (Barcelona)