Geographies of the Self is a workshop on performance art or action art. Five sessions to recover corporeality and its presence and to link the artistic expressions that derive from it. A forms, common and essential of creation, that are collective and visceral.

_To understand “the body” as a political-affective geography of the body.
_To use the corporeality we inhabit to expand or overthrow what we have been prevented from doing.
_Reconnecting with the memories of our bodies as the raw material of our actions.
_To develop communal entities, passing through the individual or unipersonal.
_Establish an intuitive communication with the object.
_Obtain tools to carry out live performance actions, both individual and simultaneous or collective.
_Activate unconventional spaces through individual/communal presence.
_To create and live in a new community within this world around us.

The laboratory is divided into 5 days, 3 hours per day. Different blocks-worlds intertwined with each other are proposed:
Matter, corporeality
Activating communication with matter, our Being in the world, body-geography, internal-external body communications, defragmenting the ego, transition rituals.
The community, the collective
Being and being in community, common space of eXtreme listening, construction of a memory of all, the limit of the relational as a social construct, transformation of links, mimicking otherness.
The (in)animated object
Establishing an intuitive and direct dialogue with the objects to be used (or that use us) in an action. To link ourselves in an affective and sensorial way with the object. To create with, for and towards this other matter: the (in)animated object.
The “real” space
Extrasensory connection with the environment, negotiating risk, the private is public, other worlds are possible, activating energetic communication, decolonising the body-matter-environment.

Participants: Participan: Rita Noutel, Fotini Nikolaidou, Elisbeth Mabres, Laura Sofía Santander, Mònica Rovira, Patricia Carmona, Mireia Zantop, Margherita Isola, Aeren Sánchez, Lucy Trechno, Abril Carretero and Jahel Guerra