Tools were given to develop both individual and collective activations (performative actions) based on exercises of extreme listening  (sincere, pure, with all the senses), practices of identification and reconstruction of the body’s memory (understood as political-affective geography), exploration of the multiple internal and external spaces, of the empowerment of our corporeality, energies and imaginaries and from practices of recognition of the other and of being in relation to a heterogeneous community.

– Experience performance or action art from one’s own corporeality and the community.
– Explore extreme listening towards everything that surrounds us (our being, the community, internal and external spaces, body memory, etc.)
– Co-create spontaneous and ephemeral interventions from the resources and tools offered by the practices worked on.
– Know the practice of performance and action art from the practice and experimentation in oneself.

II JORNADES DE PERFORMANCE of Es Far Cultural and La Casa d’Artistes in Es Mercadal (Menorca).

La Casa d’Artistes is a space for creation and thought located in Es Mercadal (Menorca). Designed to carry out creative and production stays of all artistic and research disciplines in general in the middle of a natural environment.

participants: Clara Garriga Andreu, Kaori Ishihara, Xec Pons Sans, Barbara Bayarri Viñas, Lucía Sas, Erica Ponce Ortiz, Luna Flores, Áurea Rodríguez, Maribel Solvent Corrales, Mari Genestra Mesquida, Jordi Guiu Capdevila, Monica Gonzalez, David Barceló Olives, Núria García Rodríguez, Enrich Fortaner Pequerul, Marina E. G.