Performance art is an experiential, live and mutant act / art. In this encounter we have felt what is the subversive love and extreme care; to take care of ourselves, to be cared for and be caretakers. We created a body of affections, knowledge and new sensibilities in order to know and accept ourselves, subverting the imposed canons and thereby being rebellious bodies activated towards new horizons that are already visible.

The creative process emerged from this exploration of empowerment with our bodies, energies, and imaginations, calling upon alternative forms of connection and relationship. Through exploration proposals, we went deep into our Selves to relearn from our bodies-memories. We worked through exercises of eXtreme listening, identifying and reconstructing the memory of the body as a political-affective geography. In this way we inserted ourselves more experientially into this living practice.

Tools were given to develop performances using objects and working with the space (site-specific). Collective and individual performances were created, questioning this dichotomy. The camera was used as a performance entity exploring the formats of the live action, photo performance and video performance.

VIRTUALISMO REBELDE is part of the online pedagogy of MATERIC.ORG



photo performance inspired in Alejandro Jodorowsky’s tarot of Marseilles