video performance

Duration: 02: 27 / 02: 36 min

Site: Ventallo / L’Escala (Catalunya)

Year: 2016

Production: Fundació OlivART

Camera: CCTproducció Carlus Camps


Two divergent bodies are integrated into a process of finding a common weight. Man decreases, woman increases. The egos are balanced and finally dissolve. This process occurs against the established aesthetics of gender. Once the balance is achieved, the empowerment becomes mutual.
The two body masses encounter each other at 60.5 kilograms. The number 60 joins the bodies to a third mass, the object created: a scale supported by a pyramidal structure of equilateral triangles (60°). The scale is the instrument for levitation. This organic body matter, gives the two human bodies the possibility of a joint levitation.
The deformation and tension of the flesh are counterpoised to the sublime of the equilibrium in the natural landscape. In the shelter of the forest, the structure integrates to its original environment. The sea with its blue horizon converses with the horizon of the bodies in balance. The horizon of the sea is a shared horizon.


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