geometría pagana

live performance

Parlem Contemporani?_04

Alcover Convent (Catalonia). 2021

Curated by: Aleix Antillach

Photos: Montserrat Solé


Action-act arisen from an immersive stay in the cloister of the Alcover Convent. All movement, all materiality is in relation to what is lived and embodied. The work is created from the spatial and spiritual geometry of the space. The process is voiced from the sounds emitted and received, amplifying those that have resonated more with / from our corporalities. We were looking for the pattern of chaos and the chaos in the pattern. The rigidity of the columns in contrast to the fluidity of the wind; echoes from the corners and the immemorial depths of an ancient well. Weaving and whipping to build, transmuting to open the cloister.

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