We have been invited to participate in the Primera Trienal de Performance DEFORMES with the video performance SIMBIOSIS CANÍBAL at Santiago y Talaca (Chile).

Primera Trienal de Performance DEFORMES.

¨In the context of political and social crisis, added to the global pandemic, the first International Triennial of Deformed Performance proposes to be an instance of reflection on the space occupied by bodies in rebellious times.

There are many examples in the continent of practices where the use of the body in a performative way generates a resonance when making protests or political denunciations; Without going any further, the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo in Argentina, or the Association of Relatives of the Detained-Disappeared in Chile.

In A Thousand Plateaus, Deleuze and Guattari describe power relations in social organizations as a war machine from their first formations in nomadic peoples in contrast to the first forms of the state apparatus. Thus, the war machine “seems to be irreducible to the State apparatus, is outside its sovereignty and is prior to its laws.” This reading delineates a rebellious and subversive state of performance practice in Latin America that places it on the borders between the visual arts and social manifestation.

From this reflection as a driving force, this Triennial is carried out, which will visit different spaces in Santiago and Talca in person.¨

Curator: Gonzalo Rabanal.