We are part of the Program of Independent Studies in Contemporary Art, Research and Community (PEI) of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico (MAC).

The PEI is a program partially open to the general public organized as a directed research space that receives national and international participants linked to all practices in the fields of art, experimental music, cinematography and the practices of curation, criticism and theory. .

The main objective of the Program is to provide a reflective and dynamic space for encounter and pedagogical activism, for experimental thinking and for art as an empirical exercise producing new aesthetic knowledge and new methodologies. This project is based on the institutional activism that has characterized the MAC focused on generating structural changes to the paradigms of our time and to contribute to the visibility, solidity and internationalization of Puerto Rican artistic practice.

It will take place from March to November 2020. Applications will be received from January 20 to February 14, 2020.

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