The chapels of the CC Convent Sant Agustí in Barcelona is the first space that embraces us. After collaborating with dinamo DIY espai for the realization of the wireless sound amplification equipment, the chapels of the Convent are going to be the place to start carrying out the experiment.

latirsincrónico. This sound/corporal project proposes the experiment of synchronizing two heartbeats. The affective possibility of a joint heartbeat entails the concentration, desire and control of the individual body towards a state such that it merges into a common heartbeat with the other person. This psycho-corporeal investigation embodies the line of art-life that the artists Isil Sol Vil x Marina Barsy Janer have been developing for more than seven years of their joint investigations.

Through what they call Subversive Love and eXtreme Care, they work on the decolonization of the body-mind as an act of rebellion and subversion, exploring alternate sensibilities that challenge the male/female dichotomy. This intimate exploration of their bodies-minds materializes with a visual and sound installation that will allow the public to listen to these heartbeats while observing the bodies going through different states (emotional-physical-energetic).

The investigation of the residency entails a daily exploration of the bodily rhythms of both artists in relation to the sounds produced by their hearts, seeking to develop through this corporal investigation the aesthetic creation of a piece of performance or action art. This research requires exploring different physical and emotional levels and recording all this data in relation to the frequency, rhythm and reaction of each heart.

The bodies will be brought to different states that will fluctuate from exhaustion and exaltation (emotional and physical) to rest, meditation and sleep, exploring the different rhythms created by the heartbeat in different circumstances. For each similar state (for example, when running) attention will be paid to the difference in the beats of each one. Cardiac behavior tests and data collection will be performed for each state of each body.

The bodies of the two artists will work and investigate the frequencies of their heartbeats and how these can be synchronized, or not. Looking for different states of being through a same heartbeat.


curator: Vanessa Hernández Gracia
production: El Lobi
design and construction of the wireless sound amplification equipment: dinamo DIY espai
in collaboration with: CC Convent de Sant Agustí